19th January

Mathematicians who were born or died on 19th January

Mathematicians born on this day:

1781 : Giorgio Bidone
1833 : Alfred Clebsch
1851 : Emanuel Czuber
1865 : Hector Macdonald
1877 : William Gentle
1879 : Guido Fubini
1908 : Aleksandr G Kurosh
1911 : Garrett Birkhoff
1912 : Leonid Vital'evich Kantorovich
1917 : Graham Higman

Mathematicians who died on this day:

1930 : Frank Ramsey
1951 : John Meiklejohn
1954 : Theodor Kaluza
1982 : Demetrios Magiros
2007 : Asger Aaboe

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Aleksandr Kurosh Garrett Birkhoff Frank Ramsey

A quotation for today

Frank Ramsey (1903 - 1930)

Suppose a contradiction were to be found in the axioms of set theory. Do you seriously believe that a bridge would fall down?

Quoted in D MacHale, Comic Sections (Dublin 1993)

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