Quebec Mathematical Association

The Mathematical Association of Quebec

The Mathematical Association of Quebec (L'Association Mathématique du Québec) was founded on 5 June 1958. It was, however, precede by a number of other societies such as the Company of Mathematics and Physics of Montreal, and the Company of Mathematics of Quebec which joined the Mathematical Association of Quebec not long after the Association was founded.

The founding members were teachers of mathematics in Quebec, and many were from religious groups which played a large role in teaching. They decided that a publication was a priority for the Association and the first issue of the Bulletin of the Mathematical Association of Quebec was published in April 1959. This month was also marked by the holding of the Association's first congress on 16 April 1959.

The 1960s saw major changes in the organisation of teaching in Quebec and the Association played a major role in promoting:-

... a truly modern program for mathematics at the secondary level.
The Association began running mathematical camps for talented pupils which, despite difficulties over the years, has remained a major function of the Association.

The association continues to play a major role in encouraging good practice in mathematics teaching from the level of primary school mathematics to university level mathematics.

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