Michael Francis Atiyah

1929 -

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Michael Atiyah works in Topology and Geometry and is best known for his work on K-theory and the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem. He was awarded a Fields Medal in 1966. He retired from the mastership of Trinity College Cambridge to live in Scotland.
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Honours awarded to Michael Atiyah
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LMS Berwick Prize winner1961
BMC morning speaker1957, 1962
Fellow of the Royal Society1962
Savilian Geometry Professor1963
Speaker at International Congress1966
Fields Medal1966
Royal Society Royal Medal1968
AMS Colloquium Lecturer1973
Royal Society Bakerian lecturer1975
LMS President1974 - 1976
Honorary Fellow of the Edinburgh Maths Society1979
LMS De Morgan Medal1980
Bowen Lecturer1983-84
Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh1985
Royal Society Copley Medal1988
AMS Gibbs Lecturer1991
Hedrick lecturer1993
President of the Royal Society1990-1995
Chern Visiting Professor1996
BMC plenary speaker1973, 2000
Abel Prize2004

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